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Amdocs, a telecommunications solutions provider improved significantly his brand awareness in 2015 thanks to the ACS efforts spreading the owner contents effectively.


Interesting data:


  • Most of the National press media has already published Amdocs info.
  • The digital media covering this topic
  • The audience and general interest for Amdocs events has been very positive as well as the reaction of IT and business media, to the information.
17 Press bulletins per year 0%
16 Interviews per year 0%
The annual clipping goal (96) was succeeded by 40 press releases giving a total of 136 0%
31 Interviews were made in press media radio and TV in 20150%
25 publication per month 0%
Between 10 and 15 Press bulletins per year0%
Around 2 or 4 conferences per year0%

In 8 years ACS worked in the brand awareness of AMITI as an opinion leader in the Mexican IT sector, guiding the industry and government to support the use of technology in the country. The media is always reaching AMITI for opinions as well as for the documents and studies it release. In 2015 a strategy was followed celebrating the 30 years of AMITI in business through four topics to cover up all the impact it has had in the industry.

In the last 10 years ACS has managed to maintain the number of IDC publications, positioning the consultancy enterprise as information reference for the IT market behaviour in mexico. All this was possible through interviews, columns, press releases and conferences.

5 Interviews per month in press media radio and TV 0%
Around 160 to 200 Publications per month0%
10 up to 20 press releases per year0%
Around 5 conferences per year 0%
5 Interviews per month in press media radio and TV - 36 Interviews in 20150%
Increase in the open and paid TV mentions and appearances 2014 (1) and in 2015 (6)0%
Around 40 publications per month, 90% of them are direct which means are organic content in trend 0%
26 press releases during 20150%

ACS developed the activities of PR to the Trend Micro brand achieving an excellent brand awareness as leaders in cybersecurity topics.